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Beyond Hierarchy with Namita Kulkarni

October 26, 2020

Today, we journey to Mysore, India to chat with yoga teacher, world traveler, and writer of the blog ‘Radically Ever After’, Namita Kulkarni. Our conversation centers around the theme of hierarchy and how it reveals itself within society. Our current global pandemic has only risen a magnifying glass to these pressing concerns including violence towards women, casteism, and white supremacy.


We also reflect on how hierarchy shows up in yoga culture sparking a discussion on the importance of finding a yoga teacher who “points you to your own path” rather than simply showing you his/her own. Ultimately, in building a student-teacher relationship based on mutual respect, you are able to become the most "present and centered version of yourself.”


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IG @radicallyeverafter


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IG @audrey_andthewild


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